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I am My Sister’s Keeper

August 18, 2016 0 Comments

I have been struggling to write this post for the past few weeks. My people are dying at the hands of the very public servants who are charged with serving and protecting us. The police are assassinating our people at an alarming rate, and then the media adds insult to injury by assassinating the victim’s character.


Why is this number significant? It is the number of Black people who have died at the hands of police this year. Every time I hear the news of another police shooting my heart breaks a little more. I am afraid for my three heartbeats. I am struggling to raise them to have pride and confidence in the very characteristics that could be misconstrued as a threat by the world. I am scared that one day they may encounter the police and react out of fear. It worries me that some trigger happy cop could mistake that reaction as a threat to their safety.

I dread the thought that my children may be attending a party behaving as normal teenagers behave and they may be detained. I am afraid that I could be driving and make an illegal lane change and end up in police custody in some small country town. The possibilities for ending up on the wrong side of a hashtag are endless for my people. There have been more than enough articles dedicated to the problems.

I live in fear. Our children are living in fear. My sisters are living in fear. But, there is no problem a group of Black women cannot resolve.

Tonight, a group of my sisters and I are talking solutions. Join us for the first State of Black Motherhood Twitter chat at 7 pm EST. We will be discussing “How to Discuss Police Misconduct with Our Children”. Our featured panelist will be Officer Nakia Jones.  Let’s open a dialogue abut this issue and chart a path forward.

black lives matter, state of black motherhood, black moms chat, officer nakia jones

I am my sister’s keeper. Are you?




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